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Updated: Nov 16, 2018

The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) is set to provide infrastructural support through the CapVal (Capturing Value from Waste) Project to support TriMark ’s (Sanitation Fish) SaniFish Project.

The construction of the physical structure pertaining to the SaniFish project started before January and some of them are yet to be completed and also, the CapVal project which is set for five years has been in existence for two years now.

These physical structures include the Hatcheries office block and the depuration concrete tanks.

Sanifish project was however established to complement the CapVal project which will in turn provide the infrastructural support to aid its completion.

Presently, the construction of fish processing shed, fish sales out structure and the fencing of project site with concrete wall is ongoing in order to secure the project against potential encroachment.

TriMark has ensured the procurement of operational equipment by securing two sets of solar powered aerators which have been imported from Zhengzhou Hongteng Machinery Company limited, China to improve the wastewater quality of the waste treatment plant for fish production.

Following up on the ongoing activities, a Knapweed cutter was obtained to enhance grounds keeping operations as well as a hand dugout well which was constructed onsite to feed the Hatcheries with clean underground water for the fingerlings production.

Interestingly, a Header Tank was also mounted to store water from the hand dug well before it will be gradually discharged into concrete tanks located in the hatcheries for use in the fingerlings

production and culture.

For the Grounds Keeping operations, the earthen ponds of the waste treatment plant systems were dislodged and aerated with the solar powered aerators.

The production ponds were surrounded by mono filament netting materials to prevent predators such as snakes and other creeping animals into the ponds.

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) also expressed their support for the Sanifish project by providing access to their land and treatment plants.

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