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TriMark Aquaculture Centre as part its production have collaborated with GalaFarm, a private commercial hatchery farm to supply fish species considered for culture under the SaniFish Project.

The fish species supplied by GalaFarm is known as Clarias gariepinus, Burchell 1822, an African Catfish.

Fingerlings production comes along with a lot of benefits to the business and the society as a whole, it is also associated with many challenges.

To be more specific, the key challenges encountered during the fingerlings acquisition is the scarcity in getting the appropriate quality, quantity and sizes of fingerlings.

Some reasons which mostly account to this fact can be linked to the high customer demand exceeding supply and effect of weather changes on hatch ability of fish eggs during the dry seasons (December- January) in Ghana.

Prior to this, only 2,000 fingerlings were accessed out of an originally projected count of 5000 fingerlings for the project. GalaFarm commercial hatchery can be located at Offinso, a suburb near Kumasi.

However, due to TriMark’s professional crises management system, the fingerlings have been mitigated in subsequent production cycles and a strategy of productions have been adopted for its own quality fingerlings using induce spawning techniques.

Presently, about more than 20,000 fingerlings have been produced and undergoing further culture to serve as source of fingerlings supply for the second production expected to commence in November, 2018 while some will be available for sale to farmers during that same period.

It should be noted that afterwards, TriMark will generate additional revenue from these fingerlings production operation to help promote development.

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